First Response - This ministry is set up of dedicated leaders who are faithful to the Vision and the Visionaries of NGIM. This core group of people work together to ensure that all new members, visitors, and special guests receive follow up and encouragement after attending one of our weekly services.

Gate Keepers - Our hospitality ministry serves our church in a effort to make a warm, inviting atmosphere to worship in.

Word on the Street – The outreach ministry of NGIM is the driving force behind everything we do. This radical approach is to reach all people by any means necessary and bring salvation, healing, and deliverance through the Word of God.

Set the Captive Free - Our prison ministry is dedicated to those who may be incarcerated through prayer, letters, and visits. Our goal is to bring the Presence to Prisons.

Sons of Thunder - Our Pastor has a heart to see men walk in their God given purpose. Our Sons of Thunder Men's Ministry is designed to empower, encourage, and edify men of all walks of life. Now is the time that men come together and be the men, husband, and father God has called them to be.

Daughters of Zion - We believe that every woman has a God given purpose to not only be successful, but to be confident and content with how God has created and fashioned them to be. This group of women works closely together to break down the barriers of generational curses, and strongly to build the bond of Sister Hood. So whether you are in your prime years, your middle years, or your golden years, You too can be a Daughter of Zion!

Generation Next – Is the Youth ministry of our church. We are not Xing out this Generation, we are preparing them to be the future!! Our youth take a bold and radical approach to building the Kingdom, but they do it with Kingdom swagger!!!

Seeds of Abraham - Our children's ministry, focuses on developing and teaching our children the basic tools and principals they need in order to live an effective and prosperous life. Our leaders set up and design creative programs and activities that breaks down the Word of God on a level suitable for our children to understand.

T.L.C Senior Ministry - We are thankful for all of seasoned citizen of NGIM. This ministry focuses on the needs of our members who have paved the way for the younger generation

Fitly Joined Together - We believe what God has brought together no man can put asunder and our marriage ministry gives an opportunity for couples to be ministered to through retreats, conferences, and workshops.

S.A.L.T Ministry - Are you saved, and single well this ministry is for you. Saved Anointed Living in Truth is our single's ministries. Get ready to learn the significance, and awesomeness of be Saved Sanctified and Single!!!

Apostolic Academy – Our Pastors have a passion, to prepare men and women of God into global leaders. Our leadership ministry takes a advanced approach into developing tomorrows leaders under the mandate of the Five Fold Ministry.

Glorified Worship - Glorified Worship is creatively designed to minister God's message, through the form of dance. These dedicated men, women, and children of God use there ministry gifts through mime and liturgical dance.

Mercy Seat Music Ministry – Our music ministry is a powerful ministry that consist of our Praise & Worship Choir and Instrumental Team directed by Pastor Danielle. This group of people is responsible and set apart to usher the people into the presence of God, and to release a sound to the Nations. This ministry will cultivate, rejuvenate, and liberate you into another realm of worship.

Bereavement Ministry - This ministry is helping our sister and brothers in the time of losing a love one. We have a dedicated group of members who bring assistance during this time of transition.

Economic Development Ministry - This ministry is designed to bring ministry to the marketplace. Through workshops, networking, and seminars we are training future leaders. So if you every wanted to start a business or be in business for yourself and needed a push our team of entrepreneurs, and business leaders can develop a plan for you.

Church On The Move Transportation Ministry - Need a ride to one of our weekly services or events, just call us and we will come and pick you up. Our mobile ministry assists in the transportation and outreach of our church.

eGeneration – Our media ministry is dedicated to getting us connected as well enhance our weekly services. Through technology we are advancing the Kingdom of God.